The goal of GoodThink is to fuel positivity and optimism at organizations to drive business results. We do that bridging the gap between academic research and the real world, so that our message is not only instructive and inspirational, but evidence based.

We’ve gathered a team of world renowned researchers, speakers, and trainers to deliver this information to organizations around the globe. GoodThink also offers consulting and research services to empower employees to put proven positive mindset habits into practice.

Happiness Fuels Success

Higher Productivity

Stress Reduction

Higher Sales

Greater Revenues



Learn the science of happiness with practical strategies for positive leadership and improved engagement. Bring a GoodThink speaker to your organization.



GoodThink offers customized consulting services for your organization, including conducting original scientific research, developing certification programs, and advising on best-hiring processes.



GoodThink offers large scale in-person and virtual training for corporate environments, as well as scientifically-validated assessments to track individual and business progress.



In this fast-moving and entertaining TED talk, Shawn Achor explains how our formula for success is backward.

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