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The goal of GoodThink is to make you happier. We do that by bridging the gap between academic research and the real world, so that our message is not only instructive and inspirational, but evidence-based.

We’ve gathered a team of world renowned researchers, speakers, and trainers to deliver this information to organizations around the globe. But talent, degrees, and reputation alone do not ensure integrity. Our team believes that research should be lived, so as a company we strive to embody what we teach.

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Happy People Experience:

Reduction in Stress - 23 %
Better Health - 39 %
Productivity - 31 %
Positive Social Interaction - 34 %

What We Do

Transform Your Organization
GoodThink speakers offer your team a chance to learn the science of happiness with practical strategies for positive leadership and improved engagement. The research-based strategies presented by these world-renowned experts in positive psychology are designed with the ultimate goal of helping your organization raise every outcome it seeks to improve, including higher levels of productivity, creativity, engagement, happiness and success.

Whether your organization is interested in benchmarking, change management or retaining top talent, GoodThink offers consulting services fully customized to your organization.  Past projects include original scientific research, survey development, certification programs, and organizational culture assessment and strategic planning.

GoodThink offers in-person training and virtual classroom training for corporate environments, as well as eClasses for individuals who wish to extend their learning about the science of happiness and positive psychology.


Goodthink brings the science of happiness to life for audiences across the world. We invite you to learn how to use positive psychology research to broadcast an optimistic mindset to positively influence your colleagues and family and create more happiness and success in your life.

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Explore our on-site workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.

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Our Clients

“We invited Shawn to come speak to our most successful financial advisors and were uncertain about how he would be received. Not only did the audience hang on his every word, but they have been asking us to bring him back to speak to their top clients and prospects.” UBS Securities LLC

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One of the most powerful forces in human nature is our belief
that change is possible. ~ Shawn Achor