M. Jun, C.K. Kim, J. Han, M. Kim, J.Y. Kim, 2014

Strong Attachment to Heroes: How Does it Occur and Affect People’s Self-Efficacy and Ultimately Quality of Life?

This study looked at how our attachment to heroes affects our lives, if at all. Researchers specifically looked at how hero attachment, self-efficacy, and life satisfaction of individuals were impacted by a hero. Results were gathered using a survey, looking at a hero’s direct and indirect effects on a person’s A-R-C (autonomy, relatedness, and competence) and life satisfaction. Results showed that:

  • self-efficacy and life satisfaction experienced a direct, differential effect by a hero fulfilling the A-R-C needs
  • there is an increase in hero attachment, if a hero fulfills A-R-C needs
  • an increase in hero attachment led to positively affecting life satisfaction, due to self-efficacy