P.C. Watkins, J. Uhder., & S. Pichinevskiy

This study looked at the gratitude 3-blessings treatment and its effectiveness on improving subjective well-being. For one week, subjects practiced either gratitude 3-blessings, pride 3-blessings, or memory placebo, daily. Results showed that:

  • Subjects had significantly enhanced well-being if they had practiced the gratitude 3-blessings treatment, versus the other practices
  • Even after the conclusion of treatment, subjects who had practiced the gratitude 3-blessings continued to experience benefits and enhanced well-being
  • It was easier for the gratitude treatment participants to recall positive memories than the participants who did the memory placebo or pride 3-blessings

Overall, it appears that significant improvements in well-being, as well as an increase in helping the brain become more biased towards positivity, result from a daily naming and thinking of 3 gratitudes.