Many people who read The Happiness Advantage (or just watch Shawn’s TED talk) are inspired to start their own movement–or create their own ripple effect–in their own world. These are some of our favorites!

Ruby Receptionists

A journal campaign combined with time to meditate and a chance win a trip to Hawaii lead this group to be not only happier but also more accurate employees! Read more:How a Journal Made Ruby Happier & Employee Journaling Campaign PR

An Experiment In Happiness: Shawn Achor 30-Day Challenge

Randy Scott Hyde was inspired to try all of Shawn’s suggestions from his TED talk, all at once, for 30-days. This blog, complete with stick figure illustrations, is the entertaining story of the journey and WORK that is required to choose happiness. *language warning for those who are sensitive*


Florida Virtual Schools

A team from the Florida Virtual School started their  first-ever, eight-week long, interactive book study about The Happiness Advantage. They wanted to harness their social network, so they created a discussion board directly related to changes that were being inspired from the reading. They incorporated Brene Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability so that sharing as seen as a brave and impactful choice. This program has created a ripple effect in their staff and beyond.The PPT slides used in the presentations are uploaded here as a resource for you, courtesy the Florida Virtual School: part 1 and part 2

The Fulcrum and The Lever ….A D-I-Y Video

A sales team was reading The Happiness Advantage as a group project. Their leader asked each person to prepare a video to present one principle of the book. This is Rebecca’s creation, along with some help from her four year-old son.

Share the Advantage

After reading The Happiness Advantage, this group decided to form a foundation dedicated to providing free copies of the book to anyone who could benefit from the principles.

The Happiness Bootcamp Challenge Sisters

The Weissman Sisters wanted to keep each other doing their happy habits, so they formed a facebook group to hold each other accountable and spread the word while they were at it.
The Facebook Page

Happy Rambles

Gathering all the research on gratitude lead this team to create a responsive journal program. Sign Up


The founders of this company watched Shawn’s talk and wanted to make a journal with email capabilities that would interact with you and remind you to be grateful…and happier. Sign Up

The OLYMP-I-A Challenge

Lesa Walker, MD, MPH, was inspired to design the OLYMP-I-A Challenge, featuring eBooks  for older youth and adults as one method of implementing the challenge. These pilot-tested programs are available for schools, classrooms, Scout troops, etc. and are grounded in the research in that daily journaling brings about positive change, happiness, and progress. The program also brings about the “ripple effect,” helping to make the world a happier, healthier, greener, and more peaceful place. Read the books or visit the Idea4Idea site

My Year of Ted

Kylie Dunn spent a year blogging about life changes implemented via TED talks. 30 Days of Happiness was inspired by Shawn’s talk. Read the Blog

1,000 Selfless Acts: Hope for the Human Race

Fast approaching his 50th birthday, Brian Ellison set out to change the lives of a thousand others. This book and the facebook page showcase a journey of self-reflection, trust, teamwork and tears, showing how hundreds of strangers joined forces to spread selfless kindness to more than a thousand unsuspecting souls.
Facebook Page  Amazon Book Page

LPK Interns Share Happiness

LPK interns explored how happiness makes for a better person and a better business. After collectively reading The Happiness Advantage, the interns collaborated for a week-long internal campaign to share their knowledge with the rest of the organization. Read more


Beyond Bounds

Beyond Bounds is a yearlong program that helps freshmen and sophomores get the most out of their college experience by developing a process to navigate the resources and opportunities universities have to offer. Many of the activities and educational materials are inspired by positive psychology and the work of Shawn Achor. The Happiness Advantage is an essential concept in the success of our students! Learn more

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Viral Happiness 

 There are many groups and organizations working on happiness, click for a page full of them! 

Some of our favorites:

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