Find a Certified Happiness Advantage Coach

The following individuals are independent coaches and have received rigorous training to be certified in the Happiness Advantage core content.  All of the coaches maintain practices by geographic locality, although many also conduct coaching by phone. Good Think Inc. does not endorse any particular coach, and the following individuals are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: All email addresses have been listed with [at] instead of @ to avoid spam. 

Eric Karpinski


Bio: Eric is the Happiness Coach, a positive psychology speaker and a Happiness Advantage Master Trainer, leading Happiness Advantage coach certification trainings.  He co-created The Happiness Advantage coaching plans and has fully integrated positive psychology into his coaching and speaking since 2009.  He earned a biochemistry degree from Brown University, an MBA from Wharton and spent a 15-year career at the juncture of medical research and business, translating complex science for non-scientifically trained business people.  He completed his year-long coach certification training through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has taken positive psychology courses from Tal Ben-Shahar, Chris Peterson and Shawn Achor.  He publishes a weekly “Happiness Infusion” newsletter where he shares the best of positive psychology in short, easy to digest bites.  His clients say that one of his greatest strengths is his ability to connect and quickly build trust with them. Eric is also a GoodThinkInc. speaker–read more about him and his talks here.

  • Home Base: San Diego, CA
  • Website: http://thehappinesscoach.BIZ/
  • Types of Coaching: Executive, Group, Life Coaching
  • Format: In-person, Phone Coaching
  • Email: eric [at]

 Joanie Muenchjoanie

Bio: Joanie believes that happiness is simply a choice.  It can be achieved with training and practice, regardless of our circumstances, and it’s not always easy. She has a contagious energy that will help motivate you to create new habits, maximize your unique abilities and share them in a productive and profitable way.  Her ability to connect and effectively communicate with diverse teams using a “glass half full” collaborative approach is signature to her success.

Joanie has over 25 years of experience working in the nonprofit industry helping clients challenge the status quo and create innovative data driven solutions. She is a successful entrepreneur and founder of 922inc, a lifestyle company committed to a project based workforce that practices a 3P philosophy (positive, productive and professional).  922inc has partnered with associations for years to provide cost effective ways to test new ideas, foster member relationships and bring new programs to market. She is a graduate of Loyola University and lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and five children.

  • Home Base: Chicago
  • Website:
  • Types of Coaching: Executive, Group, Life Coaching
  • Format: In-person, Phone Coaching
  • Email: jmuench [at]

Clare Hunt

Claire Headshot

Bio: Clare Hunt is a passionate coach who helps ambitious people who believe they can do great work but haven’t figured out how to do it yet. She helps people who are stressed out, stuck, or struggling – but who want more: more meaning, effectiveness, calm, time, happiness.

Clients tell Clare that her greatest strengths lie in her ability to build trust, to balance grace and wisdom in supporting her clients, and to help her clients derive insights and provide them with accountability as they take action on their insights. Clare also integrates the latest positive psychology, wellness and neuroscience research into her coaching.

Clare earned an international politics and economics degree from Princeton University, and an MBA from Stanford (with a Public Management certificate). She is undergoing her year-long coach certification training through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and has taken positive psychology, meditation, interpersonal dynamics, emotional intelligence, and wellness classes at Stanford University. Prior to business school, Clare worked in strategy consulting (Bain & Company, Boston and London), international development (TechnoServe in Swaziland), social enterprise (KOMAZA, Kenya), impact investing (Acumen Fund, NYC).

  • Home Base: New York City
  • Website:
  • Types of Coaching: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching
  • Format: In-person, Phone Coaching
  • Email: clare[at]

Leandro Finol

Bio: A successful entrepreneur and world-class management professor, Leandro provides the link between well-being and the bottom line.  A Fulbright Scholar, he completed an MBA in International Management at Thunderbird Global School of Management, and joined the Young Presidents’ Organization in 2006.  His businesses have generated revenues of over $76 million per year.

  • Home Base: Miami, FL
  • Types of Coaching: Executive, Group Coaching
  • Format: In-person, Phone Coaching
  • Email:  leandrofinol [at]

 Elaine Suess

Bio: Elaine Suess is driven by a passion to activate positive change in individuals, teams and organizations using one-on-one coaching, training, and speaking. The results speak for themselves, as clients gain confidence, grow revenue, boost team cohesion and engagement, amplify their use of strengths and positivity, and increase their happiness! Elaine’s immeasurable leadership experience in top corporations and as a successful business owner has helped her to effectively engage with professionals at all levels. She is a caring and innovative thinker, bringing clarityaccountability and results to her clients and their organizations.

Elaine earned certifications in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western Reserve University, Leadership and Talent Management from the Leadership Coach Academy, Happiness Advantage Coaching from Harvard-trained Shawn Achor, an MBA from Lake Superior State University and a BA degree from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame. She was a four-year, two-sport athlete in college. Her ear as a musician and eye as a photographer contributes to her ability to clearly see and hear what you’re saying, even when you don’t.

  • Home Base: Cincinnati, OH
  • Website:
  • Types of Coaching: Leadership, Team, Executive Coaching
  • Format: In-person, Phone, Skype coaching
  • Email: elaine [at]

 Ora Shtull

Bio: Ora helps executives in Fortune 100 companies enhance their Leadership Presence – the ability to engage, connect, and influence in the workplace. Executives who have worked with Ora over the past 15 years are thriving at their jobs, being promoted, and making smooth and seamless transitions. In addition to coaching high potential NY executives, Ora has served as Adjunct Professor of Business Communication at NYU Stern School of Business. She is the author of The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise and is a featured speaker at events across the US, inspiring leaders to communicate with confidence and lead with impact.

Ora’s undergraduate degree is from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA is from Columbia Business School. She is certified as an Executive Coach by iCoach NY and has advanced training in Shadow Coaching, Fierce Conversations, Difficult Conversations, Crucial Conversations, MBTI, Clark Wilson 360, Julie Morgenstern Time Management, Leadership Agility 360, The Happiness Advantage, and Reach Personal Branding. As a coach known for results, Ora loves seeing both the tangible impact her coaching has on an individual and the footprint that enhanced Leadership Presence leaves on the organization.

  • Home Base: New York City, NY
  • Website:
  • Types of Coaching: Executive Coaching
  • Format: In-person Coaching
  • Email: ora [at]

Michèle Taipale

Bio: Michèle Taipale is a versatile and multi-faceted individual whose greatest strength is the gift to inspire and bring passion to the people around her. She improves collaboration and productivity and creates lasting motivation and commitment toward shared goals. As an entrepreneur who has started a range of small businesses from a management consultancy to a manufacturing business, she has practical business experience that helps her understand organizational issues from multiple perspectives. She has extensive experience facilitating strategic planning for multinational multi-company project teams, and developing and delivering customized training and executive development programs for Fortune 500 companies. An inspiring and creative speaker, she is able to engage and bring together audiences at all levels and from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Immersed in the study of mindfulness, the science of happiness and its implications for corporate performance, she brings inspiration to those she works with. In addition, she has an international background, excellent cross-cultural skills and speaks English, German, and French. Michèle has an MBA in Multinational Management from the Wharton School, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania, an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana, is a Fellow of the Joseph H. Lauder Institute for International Studies and has been a research assistant in Ellen Langer’s Mindfulness Lab in the Psychology Department at Harvard University.


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